"science is everywhere" First book published by Christine Howitt

Science is in everything we do from cleaning your teeth to cooking a meal to driving a car to listening to your i-pod. But how many people stop to think about it? This rhetorical question became the catalyst for me to write Science is Everywhere I wanted more people to realise how important science is in their life. I was especially concerned about making teachers more aware of the significant place that science has in society and encouraging them to teach more science in the classroom.

At the same time I became aware of the lack of science resources available in early childhood education – for both parents and for teachers. So I set out to fill this gap by writing Science is Everywhere My intention was to develop a book that incorporated both a story and science activities. These science activities had to be simple and use everyday items that could be found in the house or the backyard. I hope I have achieved this.

A further intention of this book was to highlight that even the youngest child can be a scientist, with help from an adult. By encouraging children to observe the world with all their senses and describe what they see, they are acting like scientists. There are many different ways that young children express themselves and their understanding. Their communication can be through drawings, photographs, dancing, singing, building or role playing. I encourage you to hold the hand of your child and start a wonderful journey into science together as you read Science is Everywhere.

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