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Christine Howitt is an Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia, Perth. She has a special interest in early childhood science education, having spent the last ten years teaching this topic to pre-service teachers. Christine is also actively involved in research on young children’s science learning. She believes that children’s curiosity is their most precious possession and actively searches for ways to tap into that curiosity.

In recognition of her outstanding teaching in tertiary science education, in 2006 Christine was awarded the Western Australian Premier’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching. She considers engagement to be the essential ingredient in effective teaching and learning. For Christine, such engagement includes turning up to lecture with green hair and dressed as Princess Fiona from the movie Shrek.  She has turned her classes into Shrek’s swamp, using giant green footprints and a "Beware Ogre!" sign as an entrance statement. Such an approach to teaching and learning reflects Christine’s passion for science education.

Science is Everywhere is Christine's first children's story book. Through a nationally funded project with the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, Christine has also developed an early childhood science resource book called Planting the Seeds of Science. This resource can be downloaded from

Early Childhood Science ABN 78 072 990 992